About Us

Respecting the art of things done well

Every man knows the greatest things come from love and wisdom. He fully lives in his day and age: reinventing cities, paving the way for new ideas, setting higher standards. But the man of today also feels his own sense of self comes from deep roots. His style is the prime matter reflecting his personality. Style needs substance for the character to shine through.



Who we are

Berlot Lisboa is a Portuguese premium shoe brand for men. We provide timeless design and high quality for the urban, cosmopolitan man. 
Respecting the art of traditional handcraft, combined with modern details.

 How we make shoes

Portugal has a long tradition in shoemaking. We fully embrace what our craftsmen have taught us and support it with technological innovations. Each pair of shoes is carefully crafted to deliver the classic elegance and comfort that stand the test of time. Both design and production are 100% Portuguese.